Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Voodoo dolls part1

I started a new projet. I want to create a serie of voodoo dolls. I wanted to play around with the different elements of the traditional voodoo dolls and of the traditional dolls. I took the element of the exposed heart form the traditionnal voodoo dools. As for the doll aspect, I wanted a doll that cries, another one that screams "Mama"... and i still have to figure out the concept for the third one. So here are the first steps of this projet.


Half the fun is planning the plan said...

Your concept is amazing! I really like the idea of using a doll (being a doll lover myself err well really a Mannequins). I really can't wait to see more of your project and concepts as they develop!

Karö Design said...

thanks for your comment. I am new to this blog thing and it is really great to have feedback. really thanks a lot