Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DIY screen printing

In my designs and illustrations, I love to use screen printing. It really gives amazing results. You can do perfect varnishes without any brushstrokes, print on almost any material, do multiple prints with a rich texture. And there's also metallic ink and white inks ! ( no inkjet can compete with that) I have been screen printing for while now but always  in the comfort of the university's studios. But now I am on my own and want to start screen printing again in my small apartment. I have looked everywhere on the internet to find clear instructions on screen printing and mostly on screen exposure. And here the best I have found. This blog is called the weekly print and shows a very detailed photo and explanation of an homemade exposure unit. I will try to build it this weekend. Quick note this is my third attempt at a homemade exposure unit and I am really hopeful that this one will finally work. I will keep you updated on my attempts because I really think that any artist out there should try once in their life to screen print. 
Here is an example of what screen printing can create. These are some halloween cards I had printed on cardboard with white, orange and black ink.


sMacThoughts said...

I am so excited to read this. I have been thoroughly fascinated with learning to screen print (have only done it once back in highschool and forget it all!) Thank you for the link and I look forward to your progress!

BT Livermore said...

Thanks for plugging the Weekly Print! Good luck on your exposure unit and screenprinting adventures.

Karö Design said...

thanks for the comments and mostly thanks to you BT livermore you really made my day by showing me your exposure setup.

Now I just need to find a great screen printing supplier (like ryonet) in canada.