Wednesday, February 18, 2009

miss scarab gets a near future

I don't know if you remember my series on Madam Scarab. Well this character has been my test image for everything. Need to test acetone transfer... well let's print Madam Scarab. And Madam scarab has been used and reused for my various not so serious color tests. But this time... it is serious. So this is the preliminary sketch for the coloring of Madam scarab. (now miss scarab). I still feel like I need to rework the title letters but the rest seem pretty satisfactory to me.
This little character is based on a children's tale. ( Mademoiselle Scarabée by Pierre Gripari) and now that I see this sketch, it really feels to me like the cover of a childrens book... so maybe I'll illustrate to whole book ? Could be fun !
I'll keep you posted on my coloring process..


sMacThoughts said...

I love your style; I can't wait to see the progress, and yes, do the whole book!!

Karö Design said...

thanks !
I got your print, thank you !
It looks great !