Saturday, March 7, 2009

sketch book Heart Attack

Here is another excerpt form my sketchbook. This was pretty fun to do... some color finally.
The idea behind this piece is that we often say that we love with our hearts, that our loving hearts bring us together. But the paradox is that for a vast majority of people, their heart is what is going to separated them from their love ones. Heart failure is the number 1 cause of mortality.
Something to think about...


Janou-Eve LeGuerrier said...

Nice work ! Ton carnet est inspirant !

Karö Design said...

Merci !

En voyant la description de ton profil, pendant 2 sec, je me suis demandée si c'était le mien. Avec vivre à Montréal, faire de l'illustration et du design graphique, il me semble que nous avons beaucoup de points en commun.