Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zodiac: Libra

version 1


version 3

Finally a new image for the zodiac series, Libra.
As usual, I did many versions. Why do 1 when you can do 3. I really like version 2 but I am wondering if people might take an offense. So I did version 3 to be politically correct. What do you think ? Is a bare breasted women wearing a scarf on her head offensive ? From my point of view, it isn't but nowadays you never know.
So here is Libra ! Which one do you prefer ?


harlequin said...

Hello hello!

This caught my eye seeing as I am a:

a) Libra
b) Designer
c) Arabic

Although I do agree that the 2nd is the nicest, I do know that this will offend certain people. I am not not sure how "offended" I am by it, but I admire it as art. The scarf is a strong religious symbol in Islam, and so having a bare breasted woman with a Hijab will definitely leave you susceptible to some scrutiny. Have you tried perhaps covering her nipple at least? Just a suggestion.

A little warning from a fellow designer of an arab background.

Your work is great though! keep it up!

Karö Design said...

thank you very much for your comment
I did this illustration with no intent to offense any one. I just taught the scarf looked nice. And then I saw the possible religious content. I will take your suggestion under consideration when I finalize this piece.