Wednesday, April 29, 2009

diy sketchbook inspiration

With all these sketchbooks exchanges, I have been buying a lot of sketchbooks. And I starting to find them a little boring. With their black cover and off white paper. So I think I'm going to make my own sketchbooks. Here are some inspirations that I found for you and me.
I have recently discovered to work of Erin Zamrzla at her blog Erinzam.
I love bookbinding and she does amazing little notebooks that are sure to inspire great drawings out of us. Love her Japanese binding, the recycle aspect with the tags and bingo sheets, the different sorts of paper in the same sketchbook.
To make things even better, on her blog she explain all her process, and even has photos of her tools. No excuses now to buy already made sketchbooks, to your binding kits !

ps. Erin Zamrzla has also an etsy shop. take a look

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