Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lomo in berlin

A few weeks ago, I went to Germany on vacation. And I took my dear Holga with me. I'm a big fan of lomography. Lomography consist of having fun with toy cameras, playing with accidents, light leaks, blurry images and dark corners. Since I work everyday with photoshop and I retouch images so everything looks perfect, I think it is fun to let go of that quest for excellence and control... and just let accidents happens. And my holga does all that. I never know what my film is going to look like. And the grain of the film is simply amazing... no digital camera nor photoshop filter can achieve that effect.
So here are 2 images I shot in Berlin with a kodak b&w 120 film. ( at check point charlie and near the berliner dom) I'm really happy about the result.
Hope you too will try a little bit of holga.

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