Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Raven

I joined this new blog called "Notre club de dessin" (our drawing club). All the members of this blog are invited to create an illustration every 2 weeks on a precise theme. This time around the theme was Edgard Allan Poe. I love the work of Poe, all the macabre and the darkness of his stories. I was very inspired by the theme. I decided to do an illustration based on the story THE RAVEN. I am really about the result... and I think I will continue the theme and transform it into a serie. I'll keep you updated on the process.
Hope you like the piece !

ps: you can buy a print of this piece at my etsy shop


Red-SSR said...

This so beautiful, one of your best yet, thanks...Gary

sarah makes pictures said...

That is a great piece, looks like a theatrical poster. Could you tell us about your process?

Karö Design said...

thanks a lot
About my process, this was supposed to be a digital collage but it turned out to be more hand than computer.
because the frame was done in illustrator and then I printed it and sand it with sand paper. The images was reworked with black ink. The font was mostly done by hand and then sanded with sand paper. I really wanted to have a used look. And keep the colors simple. For me, Poe is black, white, red and dirty. So I wanted to represent all that in the piece.
hope it answers your question
thanks again for your interest

Michael Nightmare said...

sell this to me!

Karö Design said...

but what do you mean by sell this to me?
do you want to buy a print of the illustration ? if so which size do you want?
Really glad you like it !

Karö Design said...

ok so the "sell it me" comment had me thinking... and I decided to open an etsy shop with some prints to sale
including the raven
So if you want to buy the print, visit my etsy shop at
or contact me

Michael Nightmare said...

Awesome!! I will check it out

Mia said...

I love this! I just purchased my own copy today!

Karö Design said...

thanks a lot mia!