Friday, May 8, 2009

moly x 68: in the mail

The other day I was surfing trough various blogs and I found this tutorial on Trans-Canada Etsy Team's blog on Making Your Own Mailer from Cereal Boxes or in this case granola bar boxes. I'm all about being green so I decided to give this great idea a try. So this envelope is the product of my test. As usual, I did a little bit of mail art on my enveloppe, but only on one side this time around because the postman didn't know where to put the stamps last time.
I really like the cranola box enveloppe, like the color and fell of it.. and of course the fact that it help the planet a little bit.
So moly x 68 is now ready to go in the mail. Bye bye little moleskine!
ps: you can follow the progress of the sketchbook exchange Moly x 68 on its blog

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