Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tutorial: DIY handmade stamps

What do you need:
- a carving block ( I bought this one at the art store for $2.95)
- a linoleum cutter ( the pink thing, $12.95)
- a ink pad (I used the brand color box, color red, $4.95)
- some paper

Now we are ready to get started

So first, I drew the design I wanted for my stamp. In this case, it's a little bird. I drew my design on tracing paper with a pencil. Then I place the tracing paper on the carving block the design face down on the block. Then apply some pressure with the back of a spoon or a bone folder and the design will transfer itself on the block. ( step 1)

Now we are ready to carve. I use the smallest point with the linoleum cutter and remove everything thing that I don't want printed. Basically, you retrace with the cutter the lines of your design. Then I cut the borders of the design with an x-acto knife. ( step 2)

Then I tested the stamp on a piece of paper. It still needed some tweaking. So I reworked the stamp and tested it again. Now it was perfect. (step 3)

I had so much fun doing the stamp that I went in crazy stamp mode and made lots of them.

And the create a more finish product, I stamped Manila tags with my little bird. Perfect for gift tags!

If you want more info on creating your handmade stamps, check out it Gennine's art blog


EscapeHatch said...

This is really cool! I've been thinking about making some stamps (I did a set of ATC with illustrations I transferred from an old encyclopedia that I would love to reproduce somehow...check them out at my flickr page). Etchings would probably be the ideal but I don't have access to taht sort of thing...maybe stamps would work.

Karö Design said...

If you have noticed my style of illustration, I use a lot of old images from encyclopedias. And I have been looking on ways to transfer them. I have sued etching on wood and metal and it's a long process and it requires a lot of tools. but the final effect feels very artsy. Stamps could work but you would have to do really big stamps because there are a lot of small details on those images. My favorite reproduction process is silkprinting but it require a lot of tools also.
Maybe photocopy transfert will be the best.
Tell how your stamp adventure goes