Friday, August 28, 2009

diy letterpress

I'm completely in love with the letterpress prints I have been seeing lately
And I really want to try it for myself
I have began to do some research on how to do my own letterpress print at home... here is what I found

On, there's this great tutorial on how to built your own letterpress
Here is the link

Also, Ready made has also it's own diagram on how to build your diy letterpress
here is the link

Or if you are feeling a bit lazy like me, Urban outfitters has some great press. I'm not sure if they can apply enough pressure to letterpress the paper. But the Printmaster press seems prefect! (just too expensive)

There is also the option of the cuttlebug. This small machine is primary made for Scrapbooking but can be adapted to do some diy letterpress. has a great tutorial on how to adapt the cuttlebug to custom letterpress printing.

Do you have any other options.?
Have you ever tried letterpress printing at home?
Please tell me about it, I would really like to learn how to diy letterpress


Anonymous said...

If you are still interested in letterpress, i rent out my letterpress studio to other artists in montréal...

Alain Debbané

Alain said...

atelier domino

Caro's Design said...

alain, your place looks amazing!
As soon as I have afew bucks to spare, I'm taking one of your classes