Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm back, moly x 70 entry

I have finally found some time to draw a bit
Sorry for the lack of posts but life just got a bit crazy this last month... and still is
But I just had to draw to escape the crazyness.
So thanks for sticking around
Here is my newest entry for the moly x 70 exchange. It's based on a saying my grandmother used to say whenever she saw a crow. She looked at the crow, crossed her fingers and said: "Martes hoy, martes manana, martes todo la semana" Which means Tuesday today, Tuesday tomorrow, tuesday all week. She told it was to protect us form the bad luck the crow brings because they are witches in disguise. This precious memory of my dearly missed grandmother just inspired me to do this illustration. Hope you like it!


Dos Jenny said...

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to respond. the wallpaper is from my own house. we have it in our hallway. Hanna Werning made it 2006. I don´t know where you can buy it. But I found this link so you can see the details

I hope this will help. have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog searching for acetone transfers--way better than using lacquer. I love your pieces! They have a cool tactile quality.