Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mail me art: my entry

Do you remember the Mail Me Art Project. The deadline is fast approaching. You must post your entry by January 31st.
So being an eternal procrastinator, I just finished my piece. It was inspired by the theme from Illustration Friday: Confined. This piece is entitled: Never be Confined. And I wanted to play with element of the postal industries, like stamps and security envelope pattern. I think it turned out pretty well and I'm really happy with the result.
So I have put a digital print version of it on Etsy. You can get it here.
Hope you like it too!


Anonymous said...

I am bookmarking you so I can see your stuff daily. You are simply brilliant.

I notice that you live in Montreal. I'm a native Montrealer and re-located to San Francisco 20 years ago. My husband, children and I may be moving back there this summer (to the West Island).

Good luck with your work, you are quite gifted.


Karö Design said...

Thanks Markolaine for your support
I'm glad to hear from a fellow Montrealer.
Hope your move happens flawlessly

Christine said...

Been browsing through your blog - so much beauty here - I really like your work