Sunday, December 12, 2010

My work space

Recently, Joanna Fallon asked me for a small interview and a photo of my work space.
I taught it would be nice to share the photo of my work space with you. I always enjoy looking at other artist workspace. Makes me feel like a fly on the wall of their studio.
My workspace has been reduce since the arrival of the baby. My office has been transformed into the nursery. In the future, we are suppose to build a mega fantastic studio space in the basement but for now, I have installed my desk in a corner of the baby's room. And it actually works really well for me. Because I can work while the baby plays in her crib. The only problem is that when the baby sleeps, I have no more access to my desk..snif, snif. Well, I guess there are some sacrifice to be made for my beautiful baby girl. I guess I'll keep dreaming of my super basement studio.


sample said...

Oh! the same with me..have twins and my workspace is no more technical! cheers!!

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Clinton Harvin said...

Good luck with your future office space! I like those zodiac art works you have here. The Aries' head is very unique, by which I have never imagined its head to be like that one. I hope my brother can find some art pieces in Reston, VA just like those of your style.