Thursday, January 20, 2011

Call for submissions

For the past years, my main career as been as a Art director. When I needed to find an illustrator, I always search art reps websites It's ideal for me because I can find many quality illustrators with various styles in one place. Now that I want to become a full time illustrator, I find that promoting myself is the hardest part. A illustrators agency with a rep feels like the perfect solution. But why wait for a rep to come and save me? why not start our own illustrator agency, a sort of collective that aims to promote and help each other in our guest to the perfect illustrator career ? Let's be our own reps!

There will be many pros to this association
- As a group, we can have one website that promotes all our different styles. It will attract more clients looking for illustrators.
- The group would be easier to promote. We could do group mailers and share all our mailing list. Cheaper prices for printing and bigger mailing list
- We could help each other with all the legal stuff and create contracts that fit our needs
- We could do advertising on website together, one agency to push but many illustrators to sell.
- We could help and give each other advices and critiques

What do you think? Interested?
I love this idea and I really want to realize it with an amazing group of illustrators
If you want to join this collective, contact me.
We are currently searching for great illustrators that feel the same way.


MKnaack said...

I love the idea!

Suana said...

That sounds like a great idea!
How would you proceed ? I also live in Montreal, perhaps a meeting, face to face perhaps with more local illustrators ? I'd love to hear from you!

Sweet Pea said...

I am interested too. I also live in Montreal and am a friend of Suana's who made the previous comment. I would love to hear more.

farah said...

me too i am really interested! i am beginning in the world of illustration and i am also living in montreal, so it would be really great if we could have a meeting and speek of all that.

MKnaack said...

Would you like to build such a Group mainly with Canadian artists or so you think, an international collective can work As well? I tried to email you, but it came back.

Karö Design said...

Thanks everyone for responding
This is great! I 'm really happy to see some response.
I wil contact each of you later on with more info

ps: Mknaack, I fixed my email address bug. So I can now receive all your emails

Luz Preumayr said...

I´m interested too!! I`m from argentina

Karö Design said...

Luz, can you send me a link to a portfolio or an email adress

hELFay said...

Great!! interested too! How do we find out more?
If you have a mailing list going, would love to be included - :) Fay

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolina, i´am Óscar from Spain! please, check out my portfolio web
and my blog and if you felt that my style would be ok on your project
contact me at this email with further information...

My Web

My Blog

Anonymous said...

Carolina, I tried to email you at the sympatico address but my emails keep bouncing back, is there another address I can contact you at? Thanks!

Karö Design said...

you can send me an email at

Amanda Crawford said...

Hi Carolina,

I would be VERY interested in participating. I also live in Montreal and would love to collaborate (and have real human contact with!) other illustrators. Please check out my website:

& sketchblog


Mariloulav said...

Hi Karö,

I am also looking to start in the Illustration business. Presently, I work full time as graphic designer/ illustrator when needed! I've been coming back to your blog from time to time. I really like your stuff!

I would be interested in learning more about your idea!



Kayleigh Scaife said...

I think its a great idea and was looking at starting my own too in the UK. I originally thought about how my illustration class at university has a great group dynamic, and it would be a shame to loose that. If my class are as up for it as the people replying to you i'll be really happy! :) Good luck!


Karina said...

Me too, that sounds great. I am an Illustrator from Colombia based in Sydney.

Caro's Design said...

Hey guys
I have added everyone to the list of Alinea's applicants
We are currently working on fixing all the details on how this is going to work. I'll let you know about the progress.