Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PaperWings podcast

I have a lots of professional goals... a lot! And when I'm at work as a graphic designer, I often feel that I'm not doing enough to achieve those goals even if I work in a very creative and fun workplace. So to do more and feel inspired to do more, I listen to podcasts while a work. A lot of podcasts. They are not enough podcasts out there about illustration to fill my work week but the new PaperWings podcast is a great addition to the bunch. Created by Chris Oatley ( he also has another great podcast called The Chris Oatley Artcast, check it out) and by Lora Innes, this podcast focuses on helping visual storyteller reach their dreams. It's very well structured and gives great tips on how to organize your time and on what to focus. I really enjoy their list format where they explain the 10 things to keep in mind. They shows on Tips for achieving your dreams and Tips on time management that give out really good advice.

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