Monday, July 4, 2011

Squid longboard process

I wanted to share with you the creative process behind the squid longboard I created for Amnesia.
I know I love seeing the process behind other illustrator's work, so I taught I would share mine.
This illustration started a simple and quick sketch. I drew the hole thing true to size and trying the place the different elements taking in consideration the chucks placement and the size of the longboard.
Then the sketch was scanned in multiple shots and reworked a bit in photoshop to check that everything was lined up correctly. I then retrace everything in illustrator. I know there's a vectorize command in Illustrator but I don't really trust it for my artwork. It makes to many points. So I retraced everything with the pen tool and added some photo references for elements that the clients ask me to make the background more full.
Then it was time to add the color. Lots of color!
And the final product was done
I'm really happy with the result. It was just so fun to make something real! I hope you like it!


Kevin moon said...
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Michael Syaukas said...
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Andrea Jeremiah said...

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