Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abc: f is for flamingo

Like promise, here is the our little F flamingo friend
The letter is little bit more visible since the flamingo is such a delicate animal.
I can't wait to put the color in but I'm going to put color at the end of the project.... in 24 letters ouf!

F is for flamingo
F para Flamenco
f pour flamant

I think i'm going to do A next. it's the start of the alphabet after all
but i have some options for the animal
here is my list

Anaconda anaconda anaconda
Albatross albatros albatros
Anemone anemona anemone
Antelope antilope antilope

Wich one do you prefer?

1 comment:

Mélanie said...

J'adore tes lettres et le style que tu as choisi pour le faire! Très original et super beau! C'est un beau projet de faire ça je trouve!