Monday, May 4, 2009

DIY Chain stich sketchbook

After being inspired by my post on homemade sketchbook, I decided to create my own. I took a old children book that I found at a yard sale for a quarter and various scrap papers I had at home. I think it turned out pretty good. For the binding, I used a chain stitch binding. I followed this tutorial and also viewed this video. It really was a fun project and I intend to redo it soon !


sMacThoughts said...

OOh, this is wonderful!!

Karö Design said...

here's a question for you
I recently started an etsy shop, I know you are an expert at etsy so do you think that i should make more of these and sell them on etsy?

heidi daisybones said...

I just found you today, via link from Rachelle perhaps? Your work is great! This is a super adorable idea. I'd totally buy this on Etsy. What's your shop link?

Karö Design said...

So my shop link is
I just started it and I'm still new at this.