Monday, June 1, 2009


Finding the right image for my collage can sometimes be hard and tedious. But I have been playing around with this style for a while and I have accumulated a great amount of resources. Internet is an amazing place to find vintage images and I have a couple of sites I prefer when It comes to finding my images.

Time to share!

Flickr can be a great place to find images. Some group specialize in vintage images. And what I love most about flickr groups is the search option. Makes searching the perfect image really easy!

Here are my TOP 3 favorite flickr groups:

#1- Collage images:
This is by far my favorite. It has over 23 000 images. The tags are great and you easily find what you need. This flick group is always the first place I go.

#2- Vintage illustration:
When Collage images doesn't have what I want, I go here. Great group, a lot of images ( over 2000) A little bit of everything. Really old images, 50's images, lots of color images

#3- mid-century illustrated:
And finally, sometimes I go here. Great place to find more recent images with a 50's twist. It has over 12000 images and lots of them in color. Great to find funny images and 50's ads.

Well that's it for my favorite flickr groups. Flickr is a great ressource and recomend you take a look. There are a lots of other sites to go, blogs, deviant collections, digital librairies.... but that will be for a next post.

And how about you, what are your favorite image ressources sites?


sarah makes pictures said...

Thanks for sharing these resources with us!

Karö Design said...

you are welcome!
i'll try to post more as soon as I can

wrr said...

Thanks for these, Carolina. I'm excited to do some more collage.