Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lady Macbeth à la Mucha

While I was working on my portrait for Lady Macbeth for Moly x 69, I could not decide if I wanted to do a profile or a face portrait. So I decided to do both in a quite different style. While sketching my profile portrait, I was reminded of a piece by Alfons Mucha. Alfons Mucha is the leader of the Art Nouveau movement. And He did very aesthetic pieces of women for various ads campaigns in the 1900's. His style is known for a very thick line and for curved lines like in the hair.
Doing my Lady Macbeth's sketch, I was reminded of the piece "Calendar for the Astrological signs". They were many resemblance with my piece; the profile women, the crown. So I decided to do my portrait Mucha style. Even if it's not really my style, it's was fun to do and I think it came out great! Hope you like it!

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yoAdrienne said...

I really like this. Great job with the small touches