Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zero2illo 12 week challenge

Hello everyone!
Sorry I have been MIA for a little bit but with only 17 days until my due date ( ps : I'm pregnant) life has gotten a little chaotic. I have been in renovation madness since the baby's room isn't even started and we still have to finish the kitchen, bathroom, office and hallway. Ahhh so much to do and so little time!!!
But let's go back to the world of illustration, I wanted to share with you an exciting new project I have joined: The Zero2illo 12 week challenge. This challenge is organized by Jonathan from the zero2illo blog and aims to bring illustrators to the next step in their career buy doing 12 taks, one by week. For now, we have been researching clients, making a business plan and we are finally starting to do portfolio pieces. It's a really great idea and the support group is amazing. So take a look and maybe you can join all the fun too.


Kathy De Wit said...

Hey gooood! Wonderful, I have to thank you for this link.
I started now week 1 :))) How is it going with you?
Hugs, Kathy

Karö Design said...

I'm stuck on week 3 for a while now. With the arrival of the baby, time is really not on my side. But I think I'll just skip it and produce some new illustrations instead.
Have fun with the challenge!