Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fell in love with a postcard

I don't know if you remember my illustration "Heart attack". It's a piece I did in my old sketchbook about 2 hearts. Well I decided to rework the whole piece and to transform it into a promotional postcard. Here's the result. Hope you like it!
ps. I like the result and I think I'll do a serie of 3 on the heart theme. It's simple and fun


Red-SSR said...

Another very nice piece. Have you ever heard of an artist named Satty?

Karö Design said...

I actually didn't know her
but following your comment, I checked her artwork. It's very nice. Great inspiration !

sMacThoughts said...

You have a wonderful sense of composition, color and design. Love it!

Adele said...

You have a great talent. I really appreciate you for creating this type of pictures in the Postcards. Its a good thing.